1220 Noe St, between Clipper and 25th, in the heart of Noe Valley

School buses serve the Oceanview and Bayview neighborhoods. A special #48 bus
towards the Mission stops outside the school at 3:30 every afternoon. Muni #24 bus to
Bernal Heights is one block away, and the J-Church line is also nearby.

School Hours
The school day begins at 8:25 and ends at 3:30. There is early release on Mondays at 2:01 pm on Mondays for staff professional development.

After School Program
Our “Jamestown” after school program is free and onsite for students who meet criteria of
receiving free/reduced fee lunch and Far Below Basic or Below Basic on the California Standards
Test. It is available Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. All students are welcome to sign
up, but space is limited so there may be a waiting list. Students complete homework assignments
and participate in activities including sports, animation, arts, dance and skateboarding.

Drop off
Students can gather in the yard at 8 am. The first bell rings at 8:25. Students are expected to be
at their desks and ready to learn by the time the second bell rings 8:30 am.

There are approximately 470 students at James Lick. About 40% are in the Spanish Immersion Program.

The School Day
There are a total of seven periods per day (classes are not taught in this order):

Language Arts / Social Studies:
Students in the Spanish Immersion Program (grades 6-8) receive instruction in Spanish. In sixth grade, all students have the same teacher for both Language Arts and Social Studies (whether in General Ed or in the Immersion Program).

Math / Science:
Students study with the same teacher in sixth grade. In seventh and eighth grades, the two
subjects are taught separately.

Physical Education

Arts Electives
In 6th grade, students rotate through the three to four enrichment classes. In 7th grade,
they rotate through two semester-long enrichment classes. At the end of 7th grade,
students fill out a preference form and request a year-long enrichment class for 8th grade.
Enrichment classes include Peer Resources, Art, Dance, Instrumental Music and Guitar,
Chinese, Drama, AVID, Gardening, Design, etc.

Special Education
We have three Special Education Programs: Inclusion, Resource, and Special Day Class.
Students in Inclusion and Resource are mainstreamed in general education classes with
the support of grade level Resource/Inclusion teachers and paraprofessionals. Students
in Special Day Class have the opportunity to be in smaller classes for the academic core

Physical Education
All students have a daily physical education class. Students develop a “Sportfolio” to track their progress in the area of health and fitness. Lick students compete in all sports in the SFUSD AAA League (softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track.)

All students receive a free lunch (and breakfast) in the Cafeteria.

Family involvement
There are many volunteer opportunities and parents are always welcome. Parent
volunteers sit on the Site Council, chaperone field trips, write grants, coordinate fundraising and community events, and perform many other tasks. We have an active PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association), ELAC (English Learner Advisory Council) and AAPAC (African American Parent Advisory Council). There is a full-time parent liaison and all parents are welcome at monthly Principal chats.

And more!
• extensive support staff includes grade level counselors and two social workers
• college and career readiness programs
• library and computer lab
• annual musical theater performances
• school gardens
• AVID college preparatory class