Community & Family

Join the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA): The James Lick PTSA is a group of parents, guardians, teachers, students, and community members whose primary aim is to advocate for students and their families and to support programs that benefit students and the community. The PTSA also acts a as an advisory committee for the SSC and administration. Everyone is invited to become a member ($5). All members’ views and opinions are important, valued and encouraged. Please join us for our meetings, community and parent education events throughout the year.

Join our James Lick Yahoo Group. There is an informal online group for parents/staff to help in the communication process — This is free to join.

Join us on Facebook!

Stop by the James Lick Family Resource Center in the cafeteria to find out what’s going on and to get involved. You will find our parent liaison in this room. This is a place for parents to hang out and have a cup of coffee, find community resources and meet other families. Our liaison speaks Spanish and English.

Be a member of the School Site Council (SSC), English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), and/or School Advisory Council (SAC). These groups meet monthly to make decisions about the school site plans, the budget and programs.

Bring your child to family activities: It shows your child how important you think his/her education is when you come to a school performance or event. At James Lick we have many activities during the year that give parents a chance to have fun with their kids and meet other families from James Lick. Some examples of family activities are: Back to School Night, school dances, student performances, science and humanities fairs, Carnaval activities which include drumming and dance for adults and youth, and winter and spring arts’ showcases.

Attend parent education events on various topics to help support you and your child throughout the year. Attend the principal’s chat held the last Friday morning of each month in the Family Resource Center. Coffee and snacks served.

Help with fundraisers: We have to do our share of fundraising, just like all schools. There are ways to start now. Rainbow Grocery/Goodlife Scrip —purchase scrip dollars and we make up to 20%. Cole Harware—shop at any store and use our name. Target and Escrip—sign up with James Lick account every year. Pick up our fundraising sheet for more information. Family donations are always welcome.

Parent Liaison

The essential functions of the Parent Liaison are to serve as a liaison between the school and the students’ families, make personal contact with parents to encourage engagement, and to provide information to families in order to improve home-school communication.

Club de Padres

Our Spanish speaking parents meet to discuss issues concerning their children and helping them achieve academic success.

Volunteer in and out of the classroom: Teachers welcome parents who can volunteer in their classrooms preparing materials, helping with class activities, parties or field trips. Talk to your child’s teacher to learn how you can volunteer. Parents are welcome to donate supplies to the classrooms. Parents are always welcome helpers with a variety of jobs outside of the classroom like making copies, collating packets, or doing laundry.

Volunteers are welcome partners in our school!