James Lick Middle School participates in the San Francisco Unified School District AAA League. We participate in all 7 sports offered by the district. It is an honor to be on a school team and represent your middle school. Students must be dedicated, talented, and committed. Every student is responsible for making up all assignments and homework. Students are honored at the Sports’ Award Banquet held in May. Each season last about 3 months and there is practice after school. Each coach will set up a schedule.

Sports are fun!

Each sport requires a 3 month commitment. Students must have and maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average and satisfactory citizenship to be on a school team. Students must also have a current Physical Exam Form on file with the athletic director and a parent participation form. James Lick Middle School participates in the following Team Sports:

SPORTS (dates, coach)

Girls’ Softball—August-October, Mr. Yamamoto

Boys’ Baseball—August-October, Mr. Johnides

Girls’ Basketball—October-December, Mr. Reed

Boys’ Basketball—October-December, Mr. Noone

Coed Soccer—November-January, Mr. Hernandez

Girls’ Volleyball—December-February, Ms. Ramirez

Coed Track—March-May, Mr. Tatum/Mr. Ponce

Athletic Director—Ms. Ramirez

All sporting events start at 3:30pm either home or away. Students will be released from classes with sufficient amount of time to get to the games. Parents help carpool students to games otherwise students will take MUNI together.

Transfer Students: Students who transfer to James Lick in 7th or 8th grade either from within the district or outside the district must complete a transfer form. It takes approximately 3 weeks for district clearance. See James Lick Athletic Director for transfer forms.

Quick Links:

– For schedules and standings, all middle school sports schedules, forms- parents, medical, etc.:
– Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form:
– Parent Consent Form:

*Note: The afterschool program offers additional sport opportunities. Inquire with the Beyond the Bell director for more information.