About JLMS

James Lick Middle School is nestled in the heart of Noe Valley, a beautiful neighborhood in San Francisco. We are a mid-sized school, serving about 600 students and their families. One of our biggest assets is our diverse student population. Over the past six years, we have made consistent gains in student achievement with a 140+ point gain in state-wide test scores. We attribute these gains largely to the involvement of families and the highly collaborative work of a very dedicated staff.

At our school, we believe in supporting students’ positive development in a variety of ways: socially/emotionally, academically, artistically, and physically. To support students’ social/emotional development, we offer a range of counseling and support group opportunities through our counseling office. Students’ academic progress is ensured by a rigorous curriculum planned collaboratively by teams of teachers. We foster students’ development of their artistic talents by offering a comprehensive arts program. Lastly, our physical education and sports programs provide students the opportunity to maintain a fit and healthy life style.

Our school-wide mission statement articulates our commitment to support students’ development of leadership skills so they can make a positive impact on their local and global communities. At each grade level, students have the opportunity to make a positive impact through special projects. We also offer leadership opportunities through programs such as Student Council, Youth Outreach Workers, Safe School Ambassadors, Peer Resources (including peer education and peer mediation) and the James Lick Garden.

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