Physical Education

JLMS Physical Education Curriculum

6th Grade
• Orientation
• Cooperative Games/Social Skills
• Pre-Fitness Testing
• Locomotor & Non-Locomotor
• Cardio through Running/Pedometers
• Throwing & Catching
• Tumbling
• Rhythms/Dance
• Striking with Body Parts
• Striking with Objects
• Fitness Concepts; 1 day Fitness Planning
• Jumping Rope- single rope
• Fitness for Life Program
• Post- Fitness Testing
• Closure

7th Grade
• Orientation
• Cooperative Games/Social Skills
• Pre-Fitness Testing
• Cardio through Running/Pedometers
• Track and Field
• Racquet Sports
• Tumbling
• Multicultural Dance
• Frisbee golf
• Fitness Concepts; 1 week Fitness Planning
• Jumping Rope- single/double
• Nutrition
• Post- Fitness Testing
• Closure

8th Grade
• Orientation
• Cooperative Games/Social Skills
• Pre-Fitness Testing
• Cardio through Running/Pedometers
• Basketball
• Field Games- football, soccer, softball, etc.
• Hockey
• Volleyball
• Stunts & Tumbling
• Square Dance
• Fitness Concepts; 2 week Fitness Planning
• Jumping Rope
• Nutrition
• Post- Fitness Testing
• Closure

Expectations, Rules, and Responsibilities

Class Conduct
  1. You are to SIT DOWN in roll call order when you enter the gym or designated area.
  2. Rowdy behavior and fighting in class of the locker room will not be tolerated. Students will be sent to the counselor for this type of behavior.
  3. You are not to leave the gym or yard areas during PE class time unless you are excused by your PE teacher.
  4. You are not to leave the locker room after class until dismissed by the teacher or the bell.
  5. To be excused from PE because of illness, you must bring a note from home.  You still dress in your PE suit, but you will be excused.  Present the note to your teacher at roll call.
  6. Treat classmates, teachers and substitutes with respect:  no swearing, spitting, or put-downs.

  1. Only regulation PE clothing can be worn for PE classes.
  2. PE shirt, shorts or sweatpants, white cotton socks, and athletic shoes are the basic uniform.
  3. Sweatpants are optional, but recommended for cold weather.
  4. Black hooded sweatshirts are allowed with hood down at all times.
  5. You do not wear school clothes under your PE uniform.
  6. No sandals, hiking boots, tennis shoes with wheels.  No Converse or Vans, tennis shoes must have arch support.
  7. PE clothes must be taken home every Friday, to be washed and returned on Monday.
  8. You can not wear someone else’s PE uniform.  Your grade will be lowered that day.
  9. Only use the PE locker that has been assigned to you.  Do not give out your combination.
  10. NO food, gum, candy, drinks of glass containers are allowed in the locker room or PE class.
  11. Do not bring valuables (electronic devices) to PE class. Use your locker.
  12. Any infraction of these rules is a “U”.  Three (3) “U’s” is a final U on your report card.


We would like to help your child become successful in our program this year.  Each student is required to wear a James Lick PE uniform.  Uniforms may be purchased through the PE Department after school through out the year. 

1.  P.E. uniform shirt and black shorts……………..$22.00
                              (Shirts $10 and Shorts $12)
2.    A quality combination Master lock (provided by school).
3.    Athletic shoes with arch support.
4.    White socks.

    Bulldog Sweatpants……………………………....………$13.00

Please make all checks payable to James Lick Middle School and print your child’s name on it. You may also send cash. Again, you are only required to purchase a shirt and shorts for our program. Students can bring a sweatshirt for PE as long as it isn’t red or blue. Students cannot wear bulky jackets to PE.

For parents/guardians unable to purchase the uniform, please send a note to your child’s PE teacher and we will make arrangements to supply a uniform.  

Be sure to put your child’s name on each piece of their uniform so it can be returned if lost. Lost and found uniforms are located in the PE offices in the locker rooms. 

Students are assigned a PE locker with lock to store PE uniforms and shoes. We encourage all students to also bring and use deodorant. Optional items also include personal body wipes/small towel, water bottle, hair ties, hat, comb/brush.

Uniforms should be brought home and washed weekly.

Locks: students are required to give lock combinations to PE teachers. We encourage students to write their combination in their planner in case they forget it. We encourage them not to share combinations or lockers with other students.

If you have any questions, please contact the PE Department at 695-5675.