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Welcome Families!

posted Aug 15, 2013, 4:48 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 15, 2013, 4:48 PM by Michelle Reiss ]

Dear James Lick Middle School Family,

The James Lick Middle School staff welcomes you and your child/ren to the 2013-14 school year! We are excited about the start of the new school year and hope that your child is eagerly anticipating their first day of school. Please take a few moments to read over the important information contained in this letter (page 2 also).

First Day of School
The first day of school is Monday, August 19th, 2013.

Orientation Night – 6th Graders and New Students to Lick

We will be holding our annual orientation night on Thursday, August 15th, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. We are asking all families that are new to James Lick to make a solid effort in attending the orientation. This will provide you and your child with an opportunity to meet the staff, identify the school layout and to ask questions you might have regarding your transition to JLMS. In addition, the orientation is designed to help students feel more relaxed on their first day of school by knowing who their teachers are going to be and where their classrooms are located throughout the building.

School Hours

Regular school hours: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM Late start hours: 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Please note that the times listed above are the times when instruction begins. Students should plan to be on campus at least 15 minutes prior to the stated start times to avoid being late to class. The school yard will open approximately 30 minutes before the start time listed and will be supervised by school staff.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Reminder

Our parent drop-off / pick-up curb is located at the front of the school on Noe Street in the white zone. In addition, a second area located on 25th Street near the upper yard gate is an area where students may be dropped off and picked up daily. Keep in mind that the white zone at the front of the school is primarily for bus loading and unloading and therefore cars are not to be parked in that zone. A quick drop-off / pick-up is permitted so long as busses are not being blocked. Utilize EXTREME CAUTION when dropping off or picking up your child in the bus loading area as visibility can be limited. In addition, students dropped off at the front of the building must walk along the sides of the school on the sidewalk to an open gate into the school yard. Students are not permitted to enter the building through the front door unless they arrive to school late, at which point they need to stop in the office for a late slip. Additionally, students who are accompanied by a parent/guardian who has official school business to conduct may also enter the building through the front door.

Attendance and Tardiness

At James Lick Middle School, we value good attendance habits for students. It is very important to your child’s academic success that he/she is on time daily. We understand that at times emergencies or situations may arise that require your child to be absent or tardy. When an absence or tardy occurs, parents should notify the school office attendance line by calling 415-695- 5962 by 10:00 AM on the day of the occurrence. Absence excuse letters should be received within 72 hours of the absence. Students that have excessive unexcused absences may result in a truancy violation in accordance to California state law.

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Student Uniforms / Dress Code

At James Lick Middle School, we follow a student uniform / dress code policy. Students are required to come to school in their approved uniforms daily. The uniform consists of a plain white collared shirt and a black bottom. In addition, for student safety, students are also required to wear closed toe shoes. Sandals are not permitted. Clothing should fit comfortably upon your child’s body. Clothing that is too tight, too short or too revealing could result in your child requiring a change of clothes. Please help us in ensuring we are providing a safe school environment for all students. If you choose not to participate in the school uniform policy, please contact EPC (Educational Placement Center) at 555 Franklin Street for alternative placement at a non-uniform SFUSD school.

2013-14 SFUSD Board Approved Calendar

Enclosed you will find the SFUSD adopted calendar for the 2013-14 school year. Take a moment to note important dates, school holidays and school closure dates. Please make every effort to ensure that future vacation, doctor’s appointments and family functions are planned when school is not in session. All students may also be receiving a student agenda in which to write important dates, homework, and parent/teacher communication. If possible, take a few moments with your child during the first week of school to write down these dates in his/her agenda. This will be an important communication tool for students, parents and teachers during the school year so please familiarize yourself with it.

James Lick Parent / Student Handbook

All students will be provided with a copy of the James Lick Parent / Student Handbook the first week of school. This document is in addition to the SFUSD Parent Handbook. Please take a moment to review the handbook to familiarize yourself with the educational setting provided at James Lick.

Jamestown After-School Program

The James Lick Middle School After-School Program provides a quiet space to do homework with other students and offers help from trained tutors and staff. Students can participate in physical activities, including sports, art, drama, yearbook and other activities. The program is free for students and is coordinated through Jamestown (phone: 415-647-4709). The program is available Monday through Friday from 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM. Additional information may be obtained by calling Cindy Aguilar at 415-965-2497.

JLMS Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

The James Lick PTSA is an active group of parents, teachers and students that are involved in the educational process of everyone’s children at the school. They provide input and feedback to the school administration and assist with various activities and functions at the school. Each year, we look for more volunteers who are willing and able to participate to make James Lick a great place for kids! If you are able and willing to volunteer some of your valuable time to this amazing group of parents, please contact our Parent Liaison, Danielle Uttley at 415-695-5675.

On the first day of school, your child should report to the school yard and locate their grade level area to collect their student schedule. Signage will be posted throughout to help guide your child. Our district has transitioned to a new system this year and we recognize there will be some technical issues to sort out. Having said this, we ask for your patience as we transition and gain knowledge in the use of the new system.

We look forward to seeing your child on August 19th, 2013. If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this letter or about any aspect of your child’s schooling, feel free to contact me at 415-695-5675. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to a great school year!

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Mr. Quesada Principal


Ms. Andres-Newman Assistant Principal


Michelle Reiss,
Aug 15, 2013, 4:48 PM
Michelle Reiss,
Aug 15, 2013, 4:48 PM